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Clickbae: So Emotional

Recently, a popular series has gained a lot of attention, and it has certainly captured ours. How

many of you have seen Clickbait? If you haven’t, but plan to, you should probably stop reading

and come back once you’ve binged watched this Netflix series. You have been warned!

A part of the movie that really stuck with us was Dawn cheating on her husband because he

wasn’t giving her the attention she needed. She used Nick’s likeness online to seek the

attention she had been missing. We know how that can be. You are in a relationship or

marriage for so long that some things fall by the waist side. Things like quality time,


Let’s go ahead and make it known that Keyplayerz does NOT condone cheating of any form.

Dawn could have handled this situation a lot better. We see how it impacted so many other

people, however, let’s evaluate Dawn’s husband. While he didn’t appear in too many scenes,

that alone was impactful. He put more time into his train hobby than his wife. That’s a marital

issue that some people ignore, placing more time in things other than your marriage.

When you get married, the work isn’t finished. If anything, you have to do more work to now

make the marriage last. One of those things is to give proper attention to your spouse. Certainly

he gave her attention before the marriage and possibly in the beginning of the marriage, but

the attention shouldn’t end. Attention will begin to look different as the years pass because

your life is changing. You are forever changing. Remembering how to serve a favorite meal,

carpooling to work, having regular date nights, or even pillow talk before bed. There are

endless ways you can give one another attention even if life takes over.

Dawn’s husband put his trains together, he cleaned them, painted them, marveled at them. All

of the effort he put into those trains, he could have placed into his marriage. All of the work you

place into a hobby, make sure you are giving triple that effort to your spouse. Marvel at them,

show them off, help them improve, polish them both inside and out. Let them know you care

before the track runs out and they get on another train.

Do you think Dawn’s husband played a role in Dawn’s emotional cheating? Should your spouse

expect less attention from you after you’ve been together for so long?

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