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                                                       We are Keyplayerz

                         Marriage Motivators, Game Changers, and just an ordinary couple.

Savalas and Kesha Rodgers are the founders of Keyplayerz, LLC located in Raleigh, NC. Keyplayerz specializes in setting the tone for great relationships by encouraging fun, flare, faith, and basic fundamentals for making relationships last. Savalas and Kesha have been joined at the hip for more than a decade. The charismatic couple considers serving the needs of married couples everywhere, by sharing their own marriage experiences, a divine calling and privilege. Over the past 10 years, Savalas and Kesha have hosted and facilitated numerous couples’s events with marriage groups and couples’ ministries. The power duo is passionate about marriage and enjoy being together! When they aren’t talking business, they are talking family, enjoying new restaurants, being incredibly silly, and thinking of new ways to improve their lives. They currently reside in Raleigh and have a daughter, son and two grandchildren.   

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